1. What is Rakhi.com.au?

Rakhi.com.au is an online store providing a service for sending Rakhi, Sweet, Chocolates, Dry fruits and others gifts items to Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, UK and USA.

2. Time line for Australia delivery?

Standard post will take 3 to 8 working days in Major city area, maximum delivery time for Australia wide 12 Working days. Express post will take 2 to 3 working days in major city area. Depending on circumstances time duration may vary in unavoidable obstacles. We provide tracking number to track delivery.

3. Do all products available to ship all countries?

Yes, some categories items orders we pass to our local vendor. We have vendors around the world they have own shipping policy.

4. What is the method of payment and order?

www.rakhi.com.au is online service. We accept order online by our website only. We accept all international Credit Card/Debit Card like Visa, Master card and PayPal. We are accepting American Express.

5. How do I know delivery is complete?

We send you an e-mail informing that your order has been shipped along with the shipping details. We will provide you tracking number. If customer found any issue about delivery they have to let us know as soon as possible and we open case file and Investigate delivery issue.

6. Where are you located?

www.rakhi.com.au operates and queries, customer service issue are handled from 40 Nobility Road. Craigieburn, Victoria – 3064 Australia (Melbourne). Also, We have Rakhi.com.au orders shipping branch in India, New Zealand, UK and USA.

7. Am I secure to use this website?

www.rakhi.com.au is registered business as Kavya Enterprise in Australia. Our business registration number is (ABN-76364350775). Our website is PayPal verified. www.rakhi.com.au has been issued a GeoTrust QuickSSL CERTIFICATE to enable server security.

8. Are there any hidden costs such as delivery, tax etc.?

All prices are included all tax and delivery charges. Extra charge is only for Express Delivery service and it is mentioned when reach to checkout option. Note: we take payment in Australian Dollar, You may got money convert charges from you bank/card. 

9. Do I need to create an account for process order?

Yes, you have to create account compulsory to process order. You can't submit order without account. Customer account can be created for free. No charges will be applied to create an account on Rakhi.com.au.

10. How Do I know that my order has been processed?

When you place order successfully, you will get confirmation email about order placed. When your Order will be shipped, you will get one more email alert including details of shipping.

11. Are you delivered gifts on weekend?

No weekend delivery available (Saturday, Sunday and public Holiday). But we take orders 24x7, All weekend orders we are ship on coming working day.

12. Can I phone or fax my order?

No, orders are accepted via fax, Only online orders we take to secure your payment through the credit card.

13. Are the items shipped as per the display on webpage? 

Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes images shown are indicative. These are sourced from the best locations as per place of delivery and are hand delivered. Other Gifts shall be as per their descriptions mentioned with the image.

14. What is the mode of delivery? 

Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes are hand delivered. Other Gifts sent through local courier/post services.

15. Can I send some message with the gift? 

Yes, you can send your message with the gift. Just type in your message in message box while making the payment online. Your message will be delivered along with the gift.

16. Can I have the gift delivered on a particular date?

Yes. Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes can be delivered on a particular date. You simply need to select the desired delivery date while placing an order online. Other gifts sent through courier will be delivered as per their mentioned transit time, If order is received much in advance for courier gifts then we do ship them accordingly so they are delivered near or on the same particular day.

17. How do I check the current status of my orders? 

You can review the status and other information of all your orders, whether pending or fulfilled, that you have placed with Rakhi.com.au.  Click on the My Account link in the top right of any page on our site. This will take you to your My Account page, where you can click on the link to your order number link to view the status of all orders that have / have not yet been delivered. To view the status of a specific order, click on the Order Number.

18. My order is shown to be in 'Waiting Fulfilment' state. What does it mean? 

Your order passes through following states before it finally enters the 'Shipped 'state:

a) Waiting Fulfilment: This is the default status for your order and it comes as soon as order is placed. Just we have to verify payment and make packet ready for shipping.

b) Completed: Your order/payment has been approved by our payment gateway. We are ready with the product and the order will be executed as per your specifications and waiting for post man come to pickup.

c) Shipped: Your order has been successfully shipped from our end.
d) Cancelled: Your order could not be approved by our payment gateway or we are not in a position to deliver the goods due to some constraints.

E) Verification Require: When we got complain from customer and need manual Investigation.  

19. Do you deliver to locations outside India?

Yes, we have deferent categories for deferent Country make sure read products discretion before you send and gifts.

20. Why is there difference in amount in my invoice sent from Rakhi.com.au and that in my credit card statement? 

We charge order value in the AUD. This may because a slight variation in the US dollar-value/INR shown at the website and that charged from your credit-card due to fluctuation in conversion rates.

21. What is Wishlist? 

The product that you wish to add to the cart, can be the one marked as sold out. Or you may like to have a personalised wish, for a product / category not present on the portal. You will be informed by mail when the product is available on the portal.

22. My transaction could not be completed but my account has been debited.

In case of a unsuccessful transaction where your account has been debited but there is no Order confirmation from Rakhi.com.au then please contact us on Email: info@rakhi.com.au

23. The order has not been delivered on time.

Flowers/Flower hampers and Cream Cakes can be delivered within 24 hours as per the City list mentioned. Other Gifts sent through courier and post are delivered as per the transit time mentioned.

24. Unable to track order/Status not updated
In such a situation, you may contact us at info@rakhi.com.au with your order number. We will immediately update you regarding your order details.

25. Refund not received/Charged for cancelled order
Call us at +61 424 606 935 or send a mail to info@rakhi.com.au.

26. Product received damaged/defective/different than the one ordered
Please write to us at
info@rakhi.com.au with your order details and we shall resolve the issue at earliest. Or send massage from your Account.

27. Can I put Multiple Shipping Address deferment then Billing Address?

Yes, you can our software is very flexible and user friendly, customer able to check out all products together and ship to Multiple Addresses. 

28. How do I contact/complaint you regarding my order?

If you find any problem, you can submit contact form or email us on info@rakhi.com.au or call us on +61 424 606 935.

29. Why my card not working?

Some banks card have international transaction restriction. Some of them are insufficient funds, some the card doesn't support the type of purchase, etc.

30. What I have to do if credit card not working?

Call your bank to remove international transaction restriction or Make payment via PayPal or send us email for alternate options. 

31. Time line for India delivery?

Standard post will take 3 to 8 working days in Major city area, maximum delivery time for India wide 15 Working days.Depending on circumstances time duration may vary in unavoidable obstacles. We provide tracking number to track delivery.

32. Time line for New Zealand delivery?

Standard post will take 3 to 8 working days in Major city area, maximum delivery time for New Zealand wide 11 Working days.Depending on circumstances time duration may vary in unavoidable obstacles. We provide tracking number to track delivery.